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The BC Court of Appeal Rules on Local Government Liability in Abdi v. Bottomleys and City of Burnaby

In 2014, the plaintiff, Ms. Abdi, was seriously injured during a gathering at the residence of the defendant tenants, Mr. and Ms. Bottomley. Ms. Abdi and other guests were gathered around a fire in the Bottomley’s backyard that was contained in a wheel rim acting as a fire pit. Mr. Bottomley poured used motor oil onto the fire, causing an explosion that severely burned Ms. Abdi.

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Anatomy of a Builders Lien

As published in Northern Construction Connection September 2020 Newsletter.

What is a Builders Lien? A lien is a legal right against assets that are used as collateral to satisfy a debt. The Builders Lien Act (the “Act”) of British Columbia provides a lien for payment owed to a party that performs work and/or supplies materials in relation to an improvement.

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