Speaking Engagements

LGMA Annual Conference & AGM, June 2019

Thinking Outside the Fun(ding) Box

Sonia Sahota Pam Jefcoat

BCWWA Annual Conference, May 2019

Climate Change is the New Black (But It Might Put You In The Red)

Adrienne Atherton

BCWWA Annual Conference, May 2019

Municipal Systems: Legislative Tools for Interdepartmental Risk Management

Rina Thakar

BCWWA Annual Conference, May 2019

Social Procurement – Procuring for Water & Wastewater Capital Projects beyond the Lowest Bid

Sonia Sahota

BCWWA Annual Conference, May 2019

Did Someone Say Lawsuit? A “Horror Story” Round-Up Water and Wastewater Cases

Emily McClendon

CLE BC, Subdivision Regulation and Discretion, May 2019

Latecomer Agreements and Extended Services

Pam Jefcoat Emily McClendon

PBLI Local Government 2019: Current Issues, May 2019

Legislation and Case Law Update

Pam Jefcoat

IMLA in Canada, April 2019

Public Infrastructure Projects

Rina Thakar

MIABC Risk Management Conference, April 2019

Legal Forecast in Procurement: Clear with Foggy Patches

Sonia Sahota Adrienne Atherton

Capilano University, PADM – Municipal Law in British Columbia, March 2019

Contract Drafting

Pam Jefcoat