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Requesting ID – Bylaw Enforcement Officers’ Scope of Authority

At one time, it was widely believed in the local government bylaw enforcement community that bylaw enforcement officers did not have the power to require identification. Although identification is often necessary to issue a violation ticket, there remained uncertainty around whether individuals were obligated to provide such information. Refusals were commonplace. However, bylaw enforcement officers are in fact empowered to request identification and such refusals may be contrary to law. We discuss the scope of bylaw enforcement officers’ authority to request identification below…

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COVID – 19: Can B.C. Local Governments Hold Meetings Online?

March 26, 2020 UPDATE

For the duration of the provincial state of emergency (which means it is retroactive), local governments are not required to have the public attend and do not need to comply with the Community Charter or Local Government Act requirements for electronic meetings or participation by Council or Board members by electronic means…..


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